Brittney Behling

- My background is in Elementary Education. I am great with kids and enjoy making them laugh. If you are taking family portraits with young kids I'm your gal!

- My full time role is working as a Kindergarten teacher

- I also have a lab puppy who has been the guinea pig for most of my photography. 

- I spend any free time taking pictures of people and finding the best new spots for landscape photography as well. Disney World is still one of my favorites. 

Katie Hammond

- My background is in Audio/Music Production and Pyrotechnics, so if you need some good tunes or explosions for your picture, I'm your girl! 

- My full-time role is working at Walt Disney World and being the best dog mom I can be! 

- I love everything having to do with the arts and FULLY support art programs in schools. Art is such a major expression of personality, emotions, and intelligence. 

- I'm an avid tennis player, baker, and wilderness explorer in my spare time!

Why you should choose us?

Quick turn around times

We know you want to see your photographs and we want you to see how AMAZING you look! What? Did you say less than two weeks?! Incredible!

You get two for the price of one.

Having two photographers allows us to take high quality photos from multiple angles at the same time to get your perfect photograph.


We want to make sure we have a game plan and that you are as comfortable as can be working with us.

We have a passion

We LOVE capturing you perfect moments. We take our time making sure each photograph is taken and edited with the highest quality.

What do they say?

What do they say?

“Brittney's photography skills are incredible! I've used her for graduation pics and other photo shoots many times and Brittney always captures the perfect photos! I highly recommend her photography!"”